Indigenous project

reflection of learning

I think I can do better on getting the work done when I’m supposed get it done.for example usually I do not get the work done when everyone else has finished . next time, I want to work on my focus. I could work in the learning loft. this will help because it is not as loud, there is not as many people I can distract or be distracted by. Everyone is working quietly and doing the work with the teachers. If I had to stay in class, I could use noise cancelling headphones and use the beanbag. Maybe if there was a separate space without distractions.


It was a cold, rainy day about two weeks ago when my grandpa visited for the weekend. He lives in Toronto. My grandpa came on the train and was happy to see my family. 

When he got to our home, he had gifts for us! I got a drawing compass. I used the drawing compass my grandpa brought. It is  very useful and fun . We drew so many circles!!! We even used it to make a perfect octagon. 

Then we went to the museum with my grandpa,dad,mom,brother. We went to the Museum of Nature which is not my favorite museum but it’s one of my favorites. I like the nature museum because I like nature. We drove in the car to get there. At the museum we went to see the water animal section. We touched starfish and sea urchins. the sea urchins felt prickly and the the starfish felt rough, they both smelt like fish! It was so much fun.

We also went to the bug section and saw a HUGE tarantula and two different varieties of cockroaches. It was so cool. My favourite section was the water section because we got to touch the starfish and a sea urchin. 

After the museum we drove to the train station.  it took about 10 minutes to get to the train station. we went to the train station to drop my grandpa of because his visit was over it was still cold and rainy.

Finally, we all  gave him a BIG hug goodbye. Will not see him for a long time I was sad that he was leaving but happy he came.

“Don’t frown because it’s over smile because it happened”



I like origami because it helps me focus and because there are so many cool things you can do with just one piece of paper, but you can also make things out of multiple pieces of paper. For example, check out this model I made out of 12 squares! Here’s a picture:

I can make a lot more than just one thing, but it would be hard to name all of them. I’ll name just a few: I can make a ninja star, a crane – like the bird, and I can make a balloon.

There’s a lot more stuff I can make, a lot I haven’t tried, and some I can’t even make. 

Here’s a picture of one of the most complicated models. Isn’t it cool?


If you want to learn some origami, here’s a suggestion. Try this youtube channel called Rob’s World. There are some easy ones on there, but if you have already done origami before, there are some that might be a little bit harder for you to make. Hope you have fun making origami! Tell me all about your origami creations in the comments. Here’s another cool origami creation I made:


What do you think is better? The origami circle, or my origami ninja star cube? Tell me in the comments which one you think is better, and if you’re wondering why it’s called a ninja star cube take a look at the things on the sides of the cube. I think it looks like a ninja star!


Origami cranes are a very popular type of origami, and they changed the meaning behind the art of folding paper. The crane has always been a common symbol of success and good fortune in Japanese culture. When folded into origami, it is believed that your wish will come true.


Akira Yoshizawa was known as an origami master, and he makes some of the most complex origami creations and has also made up some of the most complex origami.